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Unique Processes Mean Unique Needs. Get a Unique Solution.

SAP Business One for Chemicals is helping companies improve business and master specific challenges in this industry; e.g. stringent regulations and traceability, supporting specialized manufacturing processes, competitiveness or fast changing raw material prices. This unique industry solution covers every day needs, supporting a lean organization that will stay agile and flexible in the fast changing chemical sector.


  • Supports GMP quality, safety and compliance requirements (FDA, EMA, BRC, IFRA, GHS, others) depending on specific industry needs
  • Recipes with by- and co-products, yield, wastage, shelf life, expiry date, FIFO and FEFO rules
  • Recording of data modifications, production and quality control data with test, acceptance and release steps (4-eyes, electronic signature)
  • Backward / forward batch / quality traceability
  • Maintenance / repair of production equipment
  • Integration of subsystems like SCADA, LIMS...


  • Meeting the needs and challenges of companies in chemical industry
  • First class ERP software for SME manufacturing companies, fast implementation, global support
  • Great potential for business growth; provides the inside view with analysis to monitor continuous improvement
  • Best practices business processes and methods embedded to suit specific market needs
  • Innovative technologies to be future compatible in chemical industry; 100 percent SAP technology / tools

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