MTC Systems offer a new way to host your ERP system, SAP Business One Cloud. It’s an easy-to-use, yet powerful, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers a highly configurable solution to fully integrate all aspects of your business to help you manage it better. 

The MTC Systems cloud on AWS infrastructure has been built to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. AWS and SAP work together to offer integrated technical solutions, ensuring our customers with high serviceability.

How does SAP Business One on Cloud protect your data?

Database Backup and Restore

Backups are critical for protecting your system data. Since most SAP NetWeaver systems are used for mission critical workloads, customers must have a data backup and restore plan to ensure that their system and database can be restored if the worst case actually happens. SAP Business One Cloud allows users to back up on OSS, which automatically stores three copies of data in different locations by default to ensure 99.999999999% data reliability.

Network Reliability and Availability

SAP Business One Cloud empowers customers to deploy globally on a trusted and high-performance cloud network. MTC Systems Cloud on AWS network and distributed cloud operating system provides highly available infrastructure and multiple copies of data redundancy for all cloud products.

Data Security and Privacy

From data centers to end users, SAP Business One Cloud ensures the security and privacy of data through our comprehensive security capabilities. Rigorous physical security measures safeguard our data centers, and advanced logical security technologies prevent unauthorized access to our networks.


SAP Business One Cloud adheres to domestic and international information security standards, as well as industry requirements. We are also constantly improving the management and security of our information technology systems. This includes undergoing regular third-party evaluations and reviews from numerous certification authority agencies.

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SAP Business One Cloud also considers Access Controls, Environmental Controls, Decommissioning, Security Monitoring and a review of information security policies, standards and requirements. Our legal and compliance departments monitor the legal, statutory and regulatory compliance obligations to ensure the company is aware of applicable compliance requirements in a timely manner.

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