Over 60,000 businesses like yours use SAP Business One – an application designed specifically for small and midsize businesses that need easy-to-use, yet powerful, integrated systems to support their growth. Whether you’re using Quickbooks and Excel, or you’ve outgrown your existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, SAP Business One offers a highly configurable solution to fully integrate all aspects of your business to help you manage it better. As you continue to grow, we can adapt and customize Business One to meet your changing needs, and keep the solution working for you.

Check the points below to see the benefits of SAP Business One Cloud and what makes it different with other ERP systems. 

    • Used in 150+ Countries and Translated to 27 languages
    • Core solution includes over 80 functionalities which cover over 90% core business in most SME Companies
    • Cooperate with partners who have developed hundreds of solutions, which help users cover specific needs
    • Connect branches by connecting with SAP S/4 (HANA) or connecting with another SAP Business One Database
    • The period and cost of SAP Business One implementation is much shorter than "big SAP" (SAP S/4 on HANA)
    • Offer customized service for the customer's particular needs
    • Offer mobile application choice, which help users manage data more conveniently--anytime, anywhere

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