Sap Business One: The Next 20 Years

20 years ago, the ERP System was a rigid and inflexible solution which not many companies were willing to accept. “Early ERP solutions were hard to install and implement and even harder to use. Functionality was limited and implementations were not for the faint of heart”, as Cindy Jutras said in this article. And SAP Business One just started at that time. But everything has changed today. After 20-years of developing and exploring new technology, SAP Business One offers over 60,000 customers in over 160 countries and becomes a leading solution in the SMB (small and mid-sized business) Market.

SAP Business One: The Next 20 Years PDF gives you a detailed prospect of SAP Business One, and of the ERP System. It’s helpful for the companies which are considering implementing an ERP System and for companies which are already using SAP Business One.

From the PDF you will learn that:

  1. The changes of SAP Business One are based on the needs of developing companies.
  2. The technical developments of SAP Business One, such as SAP HANA, cloud, and extensions which deliver specialized functionality for specific verticals.
  3. The trend of developing a company’s mode and how deployment models work for now and for future.
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Furthermore, you will find what customization we did and will do to help developing companies like yours to better develop and grow.

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